Digital is the hottest topic with Marketing Plans but local print advertising should form part of your Marketing Strategy.









The importance of regular advertising

Local magazines have proven to be a very good way for small to medium size business to get regular and consistent work.

I have 10 years’ experience publishing local magazines and have learned that my interests and those of Advertisers and Readers are aligned.  If advertisements work, it means Readers are getting a good service and Advertisers are getting good business.  If they don’t work, then Advertisers will stop.

This is why I always listen to feedback and am happy to help with advice on strategy, artwork, placement, “advertorials” and discount rates, even if you then decide not to advertise.

Trusted and reliable recommendations

Readers like to use trusted and reliable firms who have been recommended and see Malone magazine as a trusted and reliable magazine that can give those recommendations.  When they see an advertisement appear a few times readers know it must be good.












Quality not quantity

I want a core of quality firms who will establish good business by building a longterm profile in the area through regular advertising.   I look for quality not quantity, which is why the number of any particular business is limited to 3. i.e. 3 Plumbers, 3 electricians, 3 joiners, etc.

I encourage regular advertising because, in my experience, it works better for everyone:

•             The magazine is easier for me to run with a core of regular advertisers.

•             Readers often like to see an ad a few times before reacting to it.

•             Regular advertisers get regular & consistent work.

•             Advertisers getting regular & consistent work might encourage friends to use it too.



Improve your prospects:

  • gain credibility as part of a regular, quality magazine

  • build trust with a good local profile

  • Use a tried and tested marketing tool

  • Be part of a community focused enterprise with a proven track record

  • Avoid flyers thrown away without being looked at

  • Target customers interested in local organisations